Hello, it's (only) me, Tonya Smyth.

I was the lead singer for an unsigned rock & roll band from '76 through '92. We went through various names, but the last, and the 'Todd' related, was Savage Grace.

We were touring larger clubs in Texas in the early '80's, when we opened for Utopia. It was only one time, but I was a big Todd fan and it was a treat. I'd seen him a few times in the early to mid '70's in Ohio, when he was doing arena tours, but never met the man. His live performance was mind blowing, in both scenarios. Back stage, at the Texas show, he was down to earth and very kind to his humble openers. We opened for a lot of major acts in those days, and his kindness was definitely NOT the norm.

Years later, in '93, I again had the pleasure. I sang backup for him at a big rock show featuring various artists. I was just a face in the back-up singer crowd, I never mentioned I had met or worked with him before, but somehow we ended up at the same table for lunch; veggie? turkey? burgers and salad! YUM! He, again, was great. Not the least bit cocky or pushy; good-natured, good-humored. He sings like a mother#%^&*#; always in key, totally at ease, impressive. You KNOW he writes like a GOD. What a catalog of tunes, what a gift.

Well, that's it. Please don't be bored by my story, it's one of the high-points of my (I hesitate to call it such because I was never signed) 'career'.