I went to a "Second Wind/Nearly Human" concert about 6 years ago with a small group of friends at a Baltimore concert hall, "Hammerjacks". I happened to know someone who was managing the concert hall at that time and he got us all tickets, and promised us backstage passes. He told us what entrace to use, who to ask for when we arrived, etc., and it all seemed a little too "hokey" to actually come off, but we thought, "what the hell!" Through a stroke of luck we found the guy that was going to take us backstage, and he led us into a "grotto" of sorts. At this point a blonde-haired woman came into the room (I think her name may have been Wendy) and she identified herself to the group as Todd's touring manager! A heated discussion ensued between the Wendy Woman and the guy who had led us back into the grotto. It seemed that he had only intended for us to see Todd as he passed by on his way to the stage area, and Wendy Woman said something to the effect of, "Bullshit, these people came here to meet Todd, and that's what's gonna happen!" She told us to wait in this "holding area" and we thought that we were going to be led somewhere else. About 5 minutes later Todd Rundgren came walking down the spiral staircase in the center of the room, an imposing presence to begin with at his impressive 6' 5", or whatever height he is, his stopped position on that staircase gave him divine stature! A hushed silence fell over the group, that 5 minutes earlier had been very vocal! People started asking him questions about his favourite projects, musicians he'd played with, etc. He was so incredibly cool and down-to-earth that it belied the blue streak he was sporting in his hair! My brother and I were dumbstruck, and realized that we had brought nothing with us that could be autographed. My brother reached down and grabbed a "City Paper" (alternative Balto. area newspaper) that was lying on the floor. On the cover was a large picture and headline of Nils Lofgren. We crossed out the "Nils", substituted "Todd" and crossed out the "Lof" and substituted "Rund". Then we handed the paper up to him and asked for an autograph. His reaction was something like, "Wow, that's really cool". It was one of the greatest nights of my life!

Postscript: Strangely enough, the next time I would see Todd perform, was several years later with Ringo Starr and the Allstars". There, on the far left front of the stage, my hero Todd strummed and crooned away directly next to the diminutive Nils Lofgren. All part of life's rich pattern I guess!