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On July 30th, 1995 I had the rare and unbelievable experience of singing onstage with Todd! I missed his show in Jacksonville but caught the one in Orlando. At one point, Todd said,"Oh no, he's back; some guy who keeps yelling for 'The Wheel'(Another Live)". He then said that if the guy yelled it again, Todd would have him come up onstage and sing it. Later in the show there was a lull so I yelled it out. Todd said he'd settle this and asked that I be brought onstage. Another guy from the audience was sent up also. Todd started playing the riff from the song, and the other guy froze.He asked Todd if he could sing,' Can we still be friends' but Todd said this was the song we were doing. The other guy was taken off the stage and I started singing. Even though I've sung profesionally for about fifteen years, my legs were like jello. I started forgetting words and Todd started 'feeding' them to me. He then joined me in singing.

Afterwards, I asked a roadie if I could get a guitar pick and he told me to stick around. He took me backstage and I met Todd, telling him that it sure beat the hell out of singing at weddings! It was an unforgettable experience.

P.S. if you hear of anyone who has pictures from the Orlando,Florida show when I was onstage, please contact me. A roadie supposedly videotaped it but I'm sure getting a copy would be impossible.

Skip Knowles a.k.a. Skip Towne

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The thing I left out of the story was the fact that Todd signed my backstage pass:

To Skip! Come up any time!
R TR-i

Also for any guitarists out there wondering, Todd uses .88 nylon picks. They're a little too thick for me to use but hey, I'm not Todd!

A girl at the show said she took some pictures when I was up there, but I've not heard from her. Hopefully somebody else did also.