A buddy and I were the only people in our small MIssouri town who even knew who TR was. At the time, we we're both into the new UTOPIA triple sided album. The concert was to be at the Keil Opera House in ST. Louis so we went. We got there early and went to the side entrance, where the artists usually arrive, and waited......and waited.....finally the band showed up. Not in a limousine like we were used to at concerts, but in a taxi cab.

The band got out of the cab, (didn't noticed who paid) and walked to the side entrance. Everyone smiled and waved. Todd had on this big fur coat. Did I mention it was bitterly cold. Everyone was sort of in a hurry except for Kasim. He stuck around and signed my album sleeve and something for my buddy. Cool!!!

Later we went inside the building (soundcheck going on) and found a door that didn't look like it was supposed to be open. So we went through it. With the help of the cleaning staff we found our way to the stage entrance and walked in. Kasim pointed at us and said "You guys" with a smile. Todd had just dissappeared out the other side of the stage.

One of the stage hands got a told us to get the hell out of there. So we put our tails between our legs and walk off the stage. Security stopped us and told us to wait in one spot, then got called away, so we split. Weird that it was easier to get in than out.

Later after sound check, Willie Wilcox came out with a friend and got into a crappy Chevelle. Go figure.

That's about it. Scoman@sysconn.com