Here's my story. My wife, some friends and I went to Memphis to see a Todd show (No World Order) on Beale Street. Great show! I even got invited up to play electronic drums on "Bang the Drum All Day" (I still have the sticks).

Anyway, after the show, my group went to Rendezvous (a GREAT rib joint wedged in an alley off of Union Ave. Try the dry rub ribs, can't be beat) for a bite to eat. We had to sit in the back as it was crowded. As we were finishing our meal -- during which we had been talking about a friend of ours from Little Rock, also named Todd -- I looked up and there was TR with his backup singers getting ready to sit down.

Rather stunned and excited, I very casually called out "Todd!" Everyone else at our table, noticing the familiar tone in which I called his name, thought I had seen our friend about whom we had been talking, which would have been a real coincidence in its own right. But no, it was The Man.

One of the singers, the perky blonde, recognized me as being up on stage and commented on that. Todd asked how our dinner was, and I recommended the dry rub ribs. We chatted amicably for a few minutes, got an autograph and then split as more people who recognized him came up. It was clear he and his entourage just wanted to grab some food, so we didn't want to overstay our welcome.

That's it.