The day was July 7, 1977, the time: 7 p.m. . . .the place: Asbury Park, NJ. While seated on a spinning ferris wheel I looked down and 'lo and behold were the tops of TR and Beebee Buel's heads, bobbing down the boardwalk. So I says to my partner, "keep your eye on them!." I resisted jumping off of the contraption, but when I finally did, we trailed them to the nearest salt water taffy stand . . oh my, what should I say to TR without sounding like a fan? So I go inside and observe TR scavenging through a big bin of colorful salt water taffy. I first had to pass Beebee, newly back from giving birth to Olivia (Liv). So, I say to her, "Congratulations!" and immediately forget her and run back to Todd . . ."Hi, I've been following you since 1973" and he says "oh, that's a long time." (ha!) I say, "can I have your autograph?" A moment of dead silence (I can't help revealing myself as a dorky fan.) He looks at me and says, "what's your name?" I have a flashback of " . . .I swear that I knew you in another life . . " swimming my head. Strange, huh? Why didn't he know my name already . . .?

Nancy Zawada
Staten Island, NY