Back when I was going to college "72", "73", "74", (Western Michigan University), I was proudly shamelessly into Todd's, concerts, magazine articles, and basically turning anyone I could into a "Todd Head". Frankly, I was such an enthusiastic fan of Todd, that my friends literally called me "Todd". That's how intense I got about him..And even though I'm older now...I (quietly) still am. I now have a family and a busy life. I'm in my "forties" and I wish I had more time to check Todd's world out. But I still have some great memories...which is why I'm writing.

While in college, a small group of people including my girlfriend at the time, went to a Todd concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was back during the "Todd for President" thing that was going around. At any rate, the show was "general admission". We got there early and got right up front. Towards the end of the concert, Todd came out into the audience and sang his old favorite..."Hello it's me".

I brought a poster sign to the concert that said "TODD FOR PREZ". When he got reasonably close I flashed the sign at him. He saw it and came right over. He reached for my hand and shook it.(mind you- he's trying to sing "Hello it's me" while he's doing this!) I instantly shuffled my girlfriend over and he shook her hand as well. Then, he put his hands on our shoulders and said, "Hey you two gotta baby for me to kiss???" He smiled and then went on his way. That was one mighty fine memory he left me with for life. I look forward to the day that I could one day communicate with him again. I'm still a huge Todd fan...and I still turn people on to Todd if I think they are worthy of hearing Todd's music.

Dennis Christensen - Kalamazoo, Michigan (area)