OK here we go- this one is out there. I've been a TR fan all my life and have been fortunate to meet Todd a few times after shows but this is the best. On the TRi tour I bought tickets to the San Francisco show for me and my brother. I was visiting Russia the week prior to the show and got stuck so I could't make the show: however I could't contact my brother to let him know I could't make it. The night of the show he grabbed a good friend of mine went to the airport to get me. After my plane landed without me my brother and my friend went to dinner where they drank a bottle of Calera wine from the Jensen vineyard. While they were drinking the wine I was giving a lecture on Pinot Noirs from California spotlighting the Calera from the Jensen vineyard.! They like the wine so much they took a bottle to the show. Todd signed no autographs for anyone that night except one. My brother stuck the bottle out with a pen. Todd grabbed it and said "cool I've never signed a bottle of wine before". He initalied it TRi. The bottle was presented to me when I got off the plane the next day. Oh last name is JENSEN !