In early 1992 I was doing a short tour in the San Jose to Marin county area of CA. I was playing bass in the Nick Clemons band (he's Clarence's son). We were fortunate enough to live for 5 weeks or so at "the Big Man's" house in Sausalito...

On a bike ride one day along the main drag in beatiful Sausalito, i was passing a diagonal corner when "something" said "look over your right shoulder" - as I looked up the street - halfway up the block was TR himself...I knew he lived somewhere in the area. In shock, i wheeled around and reached him as he turned onto the main st. - I intro'd myself and thanked him for much music and inspriation - it turned out he was walking to his NUTOPIA offices, which were at that point in Sausalito as well. He of course knew Clarence and asked how he & Nick were doing, hows the tour, etc. He was just a down- to- earth man on the street. He told me a bit about what he was working on - all computer stuff at that point, and invited me to stop up to the offices sometime to see what they were doing !

After 10 mins or so, feeling i had stolen enough of his time, i said goodbye and promised to stop by. When i did so a few days later, he wasn't there yet, but his assistant Eric Myers gave me a quick office-tour and showed me some incredible, incredible digital video work - i've still never seen anything like it.. (Eric was very cool, as you know, he died in some sort of accident in Hawaii earlier this year. may he rest in peace, perhaps he's creating elsewhere.)

I got to meet TR again backstage in NYC in 1995, and reminded him we met - he remembered and laughed "what the hell are you doing out HERE !??"

So now i'm saving up for the China show..

peace, andre cholmondeley