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Extremely cybernetical, Todd Rundgren returns after few time of the splendid page of One Long Year with a re-reading of some its classics and not, in futurist key and techno, and for this plan he has entrusted himself to 14 bands various, nearly all underground to part the Mission UK , the Rosetta Stone and the Astralasia. In order once single in its life Todd he has only sung in all the traces without playing a single instrument. A true cataclysm this album, fort like an earthquake, where the songs acquire new life and seem, in some cases, unrecognizable. Dark, cold sounds, that they seem to remember one of the album beautifulr than Todd, that Oblivion of 1984. Something is arriving, sang Todd in far away 1975 already and goodness knows if it did not allude to his intrusion in the cyberspace that it has become the true inner spirit of Rundgren. I would not have never thought that a song as Bang the drum all day could become a hymn devastating and iconoclast, nevertheless in Reconstructed Todd put two versions, one traditional, nearly salsa style and the other note, manufacturer with the Rosetta Stone. The man of the sacred colony of Smorgasbord, once again demonstrates that music can make also to dream and to see realized the disparate desires like that one to sing Lord Chancellor' s Nightmare Song with music of Drunken Blue Rooster (both drafts from that masterpiece of Madness was Todd).! But Todd Rundgren succeeds in the same album to pass from a schizoide almighty phase to a sweet dream and amusing, as he happens in Something to fall back on, all winces, choruses and atmospheres dance. Rundgren in the course of his career accumulated every has risen of musical matter and this is felt. Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa, David Byrne, B 52's, Jayne County are all greatest artists whom they have known to make of own music an art, but to the inside of a code very codified, stranger the farthest worlds. Todd has known to make a limbo where all it is present and he cohabits in sweetest harmony. It remains himself affected from the beauty of an original danced Mated therefore warped..It is not remained null from the original song; Todd accompanied from the Switchblade Symphony , a large one band, proposes a Venusian song down adapted to one the 3099 temporal situation near or there Martian..Hypnotism and acid jazz, cabarets of Philip K.Dick memory that erg in a populated alive desert from fascinating and fairies creatures. Phantasmagoric Luna Park. The voice of Todd, then, is always most skillful, magnetic and dazzling like not never, one instrument that technologically guides with overbearingness also electronic machines the more exuberant. Time Heals is always the hit of Rundgren, here less distorted of other pieces. Secret Society, executed with to the Astralasia, is true propulsive and alternate force cosmic voices to corrosive wails and torn to pieces of thrash flavor. All the style of Rundgren is present in Reconstructed, an album that once again has piercied the magical coffer of the always constant in all the Rundgrenian work and never present ambiguous fascination in replying minstrels today.

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