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A number of folks have already posted their impressions, and I in fact have been listening to a recording of Nazz today, when I've had the chance (recorded from an LP, so the sound is not that great). In fact, at lunch today I dropped by Incredible Universe (a big Electronic stores from the folks who brought you Radio Shack) and found both Nazz and Nazz Nazz on CD for only $10.99. Unfortunately, the $1.00 in my wallet could not be stretched. Perhaps tomorrow. (A side note, I did not find the Individualist CDe in either the music CD or CD-ROM section)

I've been in a class all day, so I could only listen in the car on the way to class, and at lunch, but I cheated a bit and actually began listening over the weekend. I formed some of these impressions and will probably have more to say as the two-week period continues.

I might add that I don't recall ever hearing the Nazz (or of the Nazz) when they were a fresh young band. Sacramento radio has always been very selective, although during the time of the Nazz, I think I was mostly listening to KFRC in San Francisco. Tommy James and the Shondells were big, though.

Anyway, I thought I'd start off by listing what other groups the songs made me think of.

Open My Eyes - I get a bit of Moody Blues out of this own, especially since hearing the tribute version. Think of "Ride My See Saw". And a bit of The Who thrown in.

Back Of Your Mind - The opening riffs of this have an Iron Butterfly feel. As mentioned elsewhere, Todd's voice is evident only on this cut.

See What You Can Be - The Nazz do the Fifth Dimension. "We Can Fly"/"If You Try". Anyone for ballooning?

Hello It's Me - Lettermen/Four Seasons type harmonies here. I adjusted the speed on my turntable to bring the song up to a bit faster speed and the vocals magically turned into something sounding very much like a contemporary female vocalist, perhaps Joan Osborne. Try it if you own the vinyl.

Wildwood Blues - Perhaps a bit of Cream, or maybe Ten Years After. And I'm so embarrassed by the phantom song "Look Harvey, A Crab!". It was my misunderstanding of Scott's lyric's that led to my including it in the WWW archive. It has been restored to its rightful place as a part of "Wildwood Blues".

If That's The Way You Feel - This one bring to mind The Association's "Cherish".

When I Get My Plane - This one reminds me a bit of The Who's "Pictures of Lily" and it appears that Todd re-used the opening chords on "Is It My Name?".

Lemming Song and She's Goin' Down - Both of these bring up more images of Cream, but the drum solo in "She's Goin' Down" recalls In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida or Grand Funk Railroad's "T.N.U.C." (which hadn't even been recorded yet!)

Alas, poor "Crowded" does not recall much of anything. It's also the only non-Todd penned song.

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