A Cappella

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Grade: B-

I don't put this as one of my favorites. But the songs individually accumulate into something more than an average album. Not that i do not respect the uniqueness of this album, but I wonder what an instrumental version of this album would be.

Blue Orpheus

One of those meditative, too complex for primetime songs that is, as a piece of music, more creative and adventurous than most artisits are willing to get. The kind of song that keeps todd fans todd fans.

Johnee Jingo

Rap, before rap was rap. Truly good a cappella.

Pretending To Care

Todd hits a nerve. Everyone knows this feeling...pretending to care.


Unique song. Reminds me of something from grade school music time.

Lost Horizon

Always liked this song. Always will.

Something To Fall Back On

The obvious hit of the party. Love the "Fall Back on Me, Fall Back on Me" backup singing from the Live from Japan Video.

Miracle In The Bazaar

The experimentation is good. I prefer todd to do more of this type of song than fill the albums with something like "flesh" (healing) or "beloved infidel" (individualist).


see Miracle in a bazaar.

Honest Work

short, simple, sweet.

Mighty Love

An ending very much like TEPTAE's Chant. I guess if todd's got to end this way, then...

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