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I just got back from the WBOS Lunchtime Todd Rundgren show. Todd was in fine form. The place was jam packed. The show took place in a pyramid-like glassed atrium that is in the middle of a bunch of tall buildings in Boston's Financial District.

Seats were set up and every one was taken by the time I got here close to noon. And dozens more people were standing on all sides.

Todd was dressed all in black....long sleeved shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Matt Phipps, the WBOS DJ introduced Todd...and said how pleased he was to have him there...that having Todd on stage was like having a Beatle on stage. No mention of the Ringo tour or Patronet took place during the entire show. They did sell the TRTV volume 1 as well as T-shirts though.

Todd's set list (not correct order):

Hammer in My Heart
Love of the Common Man
I Don't Want to Tie You Down
Don't Hide Your Love Away

Bang on the Drum on ukelele

switch to piano

The Viking Song
Free, Male, and 21
Can't We Still Be Friends

Ummmm...memory is fading here...

back to guitar

I Saw the Light (bossa nova style)
One World

The Wheel

As usual, it was grand to see the local gang there: Russ, Sue, Lin, Gina, SOB, Kevin Wall, Randy, Hambone, etc. Todd signed autographs for everyone in line...for over an hour.

I finally got my official Todd and Me photograph. Well, we'll see how it comes out ... not sure today was a good hair day! ;-)

As I was driving home I turned on WBOS and the afternoon DJ said "people are still calling in and they're simply Euphoric about today's Todd Rundgren show at International Place. The place was packed...all the Diehard Todd fans were there in full force. It was amazing to see them all singing along with songs that you would never think anyone knew the words to...or something to that effect." He went on to compliment Todd and say how talented he was and how nice he was to sign autographs for so long.

I'm sure that Russ, SOB, and Lin will add to my remarks here.

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