WBOS Free Concert

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In a large atrium at International Place, Boston, shortly after noon, on an overcast but fairly warm day for feb, OH, dressed in black, appears on stage to thunderous applause...

I haven't even done anything yet... just getting up for a show like this is a feat...
o Hammer In My Heart
o Cliche
o Love Of The Common Man
o I Don't Want To Tie You Down
o Lysistrata
o Hide Your Love Away

When you move to Hawaii, you are issued one of these...
o Bang The Drum All Day

Here comes the scary part...
o Can We Still Be Friends
o Viking Song
o Compassion
o Free, Male & 21
o It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference

At least we know where the real brains are in this town - in this room...
o I Saw The Light
o One World


o The Wheel

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