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  OFFICE MEMO          Quick personal hello!                  Date:4/29/93
Howdy to all the folks on AWIZARD! This is a personal hello from Roger Powell, hand-typed in my own hand-typing....Just got finished giving a presentation to Duane's cohorts here at U.C.Davis/Lawrence Livermore. I talked about the audio programming work I'm doing at Silicon Graphics in Mountain view, CA. Duane produced a copy of Air Pocket (which I autographed) and showed me a picture of myself playing on stage with Adrian Belew (from the Bowie tour). My big news is that I got a chance to meet Bill Clinton and Al Gore when they visited SGI last month. Kinda exciting to shake hands with the prez! I'll probably do a short article about it in Utopia Times in the near future.

Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to say "HOWDY!" to you great folks who have supported us over the years. Look forward to our live Japan CD coming out soon, and, who knows, maybe there'll be more UTOPIA activity here in the states at some point.

All the best!

Your friend-

Roger Powell