Utopia: POV
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  Mommy told me she has everything I want
  Mommy told me that I should not worry 'bout nothing else
  Mommy told me that I can't do what I want
  Mommy told me
  But she's only thinking about herself
  Can't think about nothing else
  I'm thinking about myself
  Time to leave and it's just as well
  'Cause I can't help thinking there's something else


  So I told he that I must have something more than she offered
  And she should not worry about my health

  I'm a big boy, not her little boy no more
  I'm a big boy and I must learn how to protect myself
  Hold my own when they give me hell
  She can worry about herself

  Tiny eagles must leave their nest
  Wild horses withstand the test
  Old lovers become estranged
  Little boys who can't help but change
  Could be nothing but who can tell?

Utopia: POV
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