Zen Machine

Utopia: POV
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  You're always finding out
  About the things that people never talk about
  I didn't ask to know
  But now I'm compensating as I go
  I know the script I'm in
  I'm only thoughts of heaven trapped in flesh and skin
  And from the world of men
  I try to tighten up the code again

  And the code is a play
  A play is a song
  A song is a film
  A film is a dance

  Boot me up on the Zen Machine
  Log me onto the Zen Machine
  Load me down
  Everybody get ready
  Hook me into the Zen Machine
  Sharing time on the Zen Machine
  Load me up
  Everybody get ready

  Sometimes it's clear to me
  Then for a moment I'm in timeless ecstasy
  There are no reasons why
  And everyone's a passer-by
  But when they've gone to bed
  A fire's burning on the screen and in my head
  And on a windy day
  You can smell it from a mile away

  And the smell is a note
  A note is a taste
  A taste is a hue
  A hue is a touch

Utopia: POV
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