Utopia: POV
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  Style must not be underrated
  Style is often overlooked
  Style is never in the papers
  I read it like an open book
  If you can't see the substance
  Style shows how it's organized
  Style is looking for your money
  It's in the way you paint your eyes

  There is always a way
  A way things are done
  I've been learning my ABC's
  I know what is 10, I know what is 1 in

  Style is a naked look
  Underneath your style
  Style of a different place
  Talking through your style

  Even the way you hide it
  Reveals the thing you hide
  Your style may never cause a riot
  It's still a style to have no style

  There is always a way
  To light up a lamp
  It's been a crazy year all around
  The check never came
  I can't let it cramp my

  Style is a world for sale
  You can't buy this style
  Style that you can't resist
  You won't cramp my style

Utopia: POV
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