Will the Real Todd please stand up?

Apparently, there's a guy named Todd Rundgren living in Castleberry, Florida, who is not OH. He must get some weird phone calls from confused Todd-fans. For example, imagine, if you will, a small house in Castleberry, Florida. The neighborhood is quiet, except for the distant sound of the ocean. At 3 a.m., the phone rings. Todd Rundgren (the Florida version) slowly rises from his drowsy sleep and picks up the phone:

Todd: (sleepily) Hello ...

Todd-fan: (excitedly) Is this Todd Rundgren?

Todd: uh, Yes. Who is this?

Todd-fan: Oh Man, I'm all jacked-up from cappucino, and I was just listening to Another Life while surfing on the internet, and I saw your phone number, and I just had to tell you, that, you know, we must have been best buds in another life, you know what I'm sayin? Like maybe in some past Utopia or something.

Todd: I think you have the wrong num...

Todd-fan: (interrupting) because I HEAR the music, you know what I mean? It's so like, real. Especially that 30-minute song on the Hermit album. I've listened to that, like, a million times.

Todd: Excuse me, but I think you're confused, because ...

Todd-fan: (interrupting again) Oh yeah, right ... I was thinking of the Ikon, which isn't on the Hermit album. Sorry I got confused, but I just CAN'T BELIEVE I'm talking to you!! So what are you working on now?

Todd: (becoming angry and sarcastic) I was working on some REMs until you called.

Todd-fan: You're producing R.E.M.? Wow, that is SO COOL!!

Todd: (exasperated) NO, I was SLEEPING!

Todd-fan: (puzzled) uh ... you're sleeping with someone from R.E.M.?

Todd: (becoming mad) Listen to me, OK? There's more than one Todd Rundgren in the universe, OK? Can you understand that?

Todd-fan: (somewhat confused) Yeah, I know, it's like on each album you're a completely different person. Like on the one album you're the Beatles and on the next album you're Egyptian gods or something. How do you do that?

The Florida Todd Rundgren realizes this conversation is going nowhere, and decides to have some fun:

Todd: How do I do that? If I tell you, do you promise to keep it a secret?

Todd-fan: OK.

Todd: Really? Do you promise?

Todd-fan: I promise.

Todd: I've been cloned.

Todd-fan: NO WAY!!

(a slight pause)

Todd-fan: So that's how you can sing and play and produce records and do computer stuff, all at the same time?

Todd: uh ... yeah ... Well, it's been nice chatting with you, but I've got to get back to sleeping with everyone from R.E.M.

Todd-fan: Man, it was so cool to talk to you. See you on the next tour.